About Elm Design Candles

When the founder, Erin was growing up, she never appreciated the beauty and peace that could be found living on Whidbey Island. It wasn’t until she was in her late twenties that she realized what a special and transformative place this island could be.

When Erin was 28, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she was fighting this disease, her Whidbey Island community & family surrounded her with love, strength, compassion, and financial help. As she entered her thirties, she developed a renewed love for Whidbey Island and wanted to give back but was unsure how to do so. It wasn’t until 2019, when her and her husband's best friend Leif passed away that she was given another reason to re-evaluate her life and decided to get back to her creative roots. Erin started making candles a few months before the pandemic hit and began giving them out as presents. People were thrilled and she finally found her calling!

Now, Elm Design Candles creates aromatherapy experiences based on our love of Whidbey. We strive to create the essence of living on this serene, laid back, nature filled island. From the smells and inspirations of the salt water and the cedar forests we infuse our candles with the never-ending beauty of Whidbey.

If it is sunny out, grab the dog and head to one of our gorgeous beaches like Double Bluff. Then take a Double Bluff Beach candle home with you to recreate the memories you made.
Or find a trail to hike and let the calm energy of the trees take you away and pick up a Whidbey Woods candle to infuse your house with the peaceful greenery of the woods.

Whidbey is an exceptional place in this world and possesses a magic like nowhere else. It is the perfect place to explore who you might be, focus on your internal work, and become at peace with yourself and the world.










Erin Morgan - Founder & Scent Creator

Favorite Elm scent ~ Hippie Bookworm, Sacral Chakra & Root Chakra (I’m a hippie at heart!)

Favorite Whidbey beach ~ Any beach with my family or friends and Petey. Woof!

Favorite Whidbey trail ~ Greenbank Farm, Trustland Trails or the Kettles - they are all awesome!

Favorite thing to do outside of work ~ Hanging out with my family & friends, hunting for shrooms, camping, swimming, traveling...tracking down the sun!









Meggan Lubach - Production Specialist

Favorite Elm scent ~ It’s too hard to pick just one! I love Double Bluff, Whidbey Woods and Santal & Coconut.

Favorite Whidbey beach ~ I have many wonderful family memories from Robinson Beach at Mutiny Bay. North Beach at Deception Pass is always a go to as well.

Favorite Whidbey trail ~ Hard to pick just one here too...the Bluff Trail at Ebey’s Landing never disappoints! Abby and Taye would say any trail ;)

Favorite thing to do outside of work ~ Spending time with family and friends, traveling, camping, kayaking...anything outdoors in the sun!