Capturing Tranquility

We recently had the pleasure of conducting a photo shoot at the stunning Inn at Langley, nestled in the picturesque town of Langley on Whidbey Island. Known for its breathtaking views of the Puget Sound and impeccable service, the Inn provided the perfect backdrop for showcasing our candles in a serene and elegant setting.

As we arrived at the waterfront retreat of the Inn at Langley, boasting beautiful local architecture and interior design, we were immediately struck by the breathtaking 180-degree view overlooking the Salish Sea. The serene waters stretched out before us, creating a stunning backdrop that perfectly complemented the essence of our candles. We knew that this picturesque setting would inspire us to capture our candles in a truly captivating light.

Our photographer, Amos Morgan skillfully captured the intricate details of our candles, from their carefully curated scents to their beautifully designed packaging. Against the backdrop of the Inn's luxurious rooms and breathtaking views, our candles truly shined, embodying the essence of relaxation and luxury.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing my beautiful creations in such a stunning setting. Against the backdrop of the Inn's elegant rooms and the breathtaking views of the Salish Sea, our products truly came to life, embodying the essence of relaxation and luxury. It was a surreal experience to witness how effortlessly they complemented the ambiance of the Inn, further emphasizing their ability to enhance any environment with their warmth and fragrance.

As the day drew to a close, we reflected on how fortunate we were to have had the opportunity to shoot at such a stunning location. We owe a special thanks to Meggan, whose connection to the Inn at Langley made this all possible. Her dedication and hard work were instrumental in securing this breathtaking setting for our photo shoot, and we are truly grateful for her efforts.

As we reflect on our day at the Inn at Langley, we are reminded of the beauty and tranquility that surrounds us here in the Pacific Northwest. We invite you to explore our current collection of candles, each one crafted with care and inspired by the natural wonders of our region. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to sharing more of our story with you in the future.

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