About Us!

Elm Design creates aromatherapy experiences based on our love of Whidbey Island. From the smells and inspirations of the salt water and the cedar forests we infuse our candles with the never-ending beauty of Whidbey. We create hand-crafted candles that provide an escape from the busy city life and bring you to the island with clean fragrances, eco-friendly vessels, and unique scents.

Elm Design was born from the founder, Erin Morgan taking a huge leap of faith and stepping out of her comfort zone. We place high regards on believing in oneself, exploring your dreams, and never giving up!

In the beginning of 2022 Meggan Lubach joined Erin. Not only did she excel at the craft, she found a new joy in creating candles!

(Pictured above: Erin - L, Meggan - R)

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